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Pinned topic How can we initialize TWTask,TWProcessInstance in Process Designer 7.5.1?

‏2012-10-04T20:09:34Z |
Inside the IBM BPM 7.5.1 Process Designer, I am trying to initialize the TWTask, or TWProcessInstance objects in the script element using javascript API as follows:

var task0 = new TWTask();
var myProcInst = new TWProcessInstance();

I am seeing this following exception in both the cases:

*Runtime error in script ("bpd engine expression" 0:0).Internal Script error: *

Cant we initialize them similar to the TWSearchColumn as in var colInstanceName = new TWSearchColumn(); ?

If we cant do that, How can we initialize these objects inside the script element in Process Designer?

Any help would be appreciated.

Sri Harsha Yenuganti.
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    Re: How can we initialize TWTask,TWProcessInstance in Process Designer 7.5.1?

    ‏2012-10-05T23:15:41Z  in response to shyenuganti
    Hi there,
    I'm not certain it makes sense to manually attempt to create instances of TWTask nor TWProcessInstance. Let me ask us to step back a bit. What effect are you trying to achieve? What is the functional goal of the code you are writing?