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‏2012-10-04T19:40:26Z |
Is there a way to set a custom size for the Left Hand Navigation links on the portal (My Tasks, My Scoreboards, etc) We need to make this a little larger to accomodate the names of the Saved Searches used by customers.

Is there a way to configure this without modifying the JSP code?

Related topic, is there a way to change the default size of the popup window that runs a coach? Again, users would like this a little larger to prevent need to scroll. I've done this customizing the JSP code but wondering if there is a better way to configure without changing IBM jsps.

Thanks for your help,
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    Re: Customizing size of Portal My Tasks

    Julie -

    There isn't a way to change the left hand portal without modifying the JSP(s) in some fashion.

    For you second quesiton, you may be able to do it by including a client side JS call on your coaches. I would start by trying this on a sample coach, and if it works and you like it, looking to see if you can update the CSS override for the process app to make it follow this behavior.

    Sample resize -

    Andrew Paier | Director of Special Operations | BP3 Global, Inc.
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    Re: Customizing size of Portal My Tasks

    Thanks Andrew!

    I tried hiding the canned saved searches for IBM.PI_PROCESSLIST_ALL and IBM.PI_TASKLIST_ALL since these were not very user friendly. I may these available to tw_admin.
    But when I did this the whole Left hand nav shrunk to be about 6 chars wide wrapping the other saved search names (which of course too small to be easily read).
    Any suggestions on why this behavior happens?

    I'm trying to stay away from customizing IBM jsps (where possible).