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‏2012-10-04T16:57:22Z |
I am running DB2 Command Editor on a Windows VM connecting to LUW 9.7 fp3a on SLES 11. When I try to save my developed SQL query to a file only the root (/) directory is offered as the destination location. I was unable to select a different location with the file selection box. If I tried to create a directory within the file selection dialog, I received a SQL22204N error and the dump/db2dasdiag.log file contained the following:

2012-10-04- I73006E284 LEVEL: Error
PID : 17468 TID : 3041135504
FUNCTION: DB2 Tools, DB2 administration server, db2dasFMdirectoryCreate, probe:30
CALLED : DB2 Common, OSSe, ossDirectoryCreate
RETCODE : ECF=0x90000001 Access denied

On Linux I added dasusr1 to the root group, restarted the DB server, but that did not correct the issue. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.