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‏2012-10-04T13:25:03Z |
In a topology where an ODR routes traffic to multiple cells, and those cells contain clusters that host the same application, the default behaviour of the ODR is to find the first available cluster and route traffic to it. Should that cluster go down, traffic will not be failed over or load balanced to the other available clusters in other cells. (Haven't tried other available clusters in the same cell).

In order to implement load balancing across cells you need to explicitly add a multi-cluster routing policy including the available clusters.

  1. ./ -f insertMultiClusterRoutingRule nameOfODR HTTP 1 "uri like '/context-root/*'" WLOR "cluster=cell1/app-cluster-1,cluster=cell2/app-cluster-2"

In case you have WAS 8.5 and see the ODR routing rules in the console, it can lead you to believe that the default behviour is for the ODR to route traffic to any available cluster in the cells the ODR routes for.