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Pinned topic HMC upgrade via FTP

‏2012-10-04T13:24:18Z |
I have HMC V7R7.3.0.0 and doing a upgrade to V7R7.4.0.0 from the ISOs downloaded on a FTP server from IBM.

I'm sure that ftp server working ok and it is same ftp server from where we have done System firmware upgrade on the same frame successfully. But during HMC upgrade it doesn't go after the message " offloading the image from the server.." even waiting for hours.

Is there anything I'm missing or something horribly wrong with HMC upgrade process?
Pls help
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  • satvm
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    Re: HMC upgrade via FTP

    Burn the image to DVD and upgrade directly from HMC.
    This is the recommended and problem free method.

  • nagger
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    Re: HMC upgrade via FTP

    I have used this OK in the past.
    Have you firewall problems or ulimit and truncated files?

    But now I use System Director - a few clicks and it does everything for you.
    Highly recommended these days.

    thanks, Nigel