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Pinned topic How long should amepat run?

‏2012-10-04T13:14:39Z |
Hi ...

We are in process of deploying AME on our SAP infra. The challenge being we cannot predict when the peak load would happen.

Is it a good idea to run amepat for a week and take action based on that? Any best practices?

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    Re: How long should amepat run?

    In my opinion, you first have to run your load without AME enabled. Then you can determine how long does your workload takes.

    Next run amepat with the time of your workload and after enable AME.

    If you have enabled Active Memory Expansion with an expansion faction set to 1 (no compression at all), you can change expansion factor with DLPAR and you do not have to reboot yout host.

    Check your nmon output to determine your workload or use nmon2web to check it on a graph.


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    Re: How long should amepat run?


    I would run amepat for at least 15 days. That's the period of time when at least half of processes are executed in averga companies running SAP systems.