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Pinned topic Determining which CM objects have associated review forms in Change

‏2012-10-04T12:46:34Z |
We currently use CM and Change for development of flight-critical avionics with associated certification requirements. Hence, we need to able determine if all of our software modules in a specific release have been reviewed.

There appears to be no built-in or easy way in Change to query this information. In Change, a user cannot create object-based queries. In the admin Report Builder interface, we can create an object-based query which queries modules in a certain release, and then add a relational report which queries for those objects' associated review forms. But, object-based queries cannot be saved or shared as reports in Change. They only show up as a format under the Queries tab in the user interface. This is very clunky, and very limiting, as things like an object's instance are missing from the reportable attributes when creating an object-based report in the Report Builder interface.

How are others doing this? There must be some of you who use Synergy for embedded software development with certification requirements.