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Pinned topic SSD alignment with 4 disks in raid 10

‏2012-10-04T09:03:53Z |
Hello all,

I m just wondering how would the partition alignment be managed under this config.
X3650M4 (with Windows server 2008 x64 + oracle 10g )

ServeRAID M5110e with M5100 1GB RAID Flash with Supercap (RAID-0/1/10/5/50)
ServeRAID M5100 Series SSD Performance Accelerator
IBM 128 GB Internal Solid State Drive x 4 disk
Raid Type Raid 10 (1+0)

C - Drive D - Drive
Raid Strip size 64KB 64KB
Allocation Block Size 4k 64k
Partition disk size 50GB All remaining space ~ 200GB
Would anyone have real implementation experience on this ?
Is it the fact that 1024k alignment would fulfill this requirement.

I checked that the figure needs to be calculated according to this really good abstract:
Really appreciate ur time.