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‏2012-10-04T06:59:17Z |
I am using Rhapsody 7.6 c++. I have a very basic query.
Whenever I right click on any property, it gives me options like
1) un-override
2) add to common list
Can anyone tell me what exactly Rhapsody does when any one of the above options is selected?
Thanks in advance..
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    Re: un-override property

    Un-override means setting the property back to its default value in case it was changed/overridden by the user, while add to common list, lists the property in the 'Common' section for that particular model element - else you have to find the property in the 'ALL' section

    Hope this helps....
  • Yevo
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    Re: un-override property

    "un-override" action means the value of this property will be taken from higher level property value.

    For example, if you want all operations of a class to be guarded, you can set CG::Operation::Concurrency to "guarded" in class. But then you can override this property in one or several operations of this class and set them "sequential".

    If later you "un-override" this setting, the value of this operation will be "guarded", because this property is overridden in the class.

    If this property is not overridden in the class or higher level (package,configuration, project), then its unoverridden value will be "sequential" (because it is default value of this property in general).