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Pinned topic Problem about Tivoli Configuration Manager deployment

‏2012-10-04T04:00:44Z |
My company is still using the Tivoli Configuration Manager (TCM) for software deployment, and I am currently working on the shockwave player upgrade. What I decided to do is to uninstall the old version shockwave player 11.0 and install a shockwave player 11.6.
I have downloaded the sw_lic_full_installer.msi of both version 11.0 & 11.6, and using a .bat file to call the following commands to uninstall and install the shockwave player:
"C:\WINDOWS\system32\Adobe\Shockwave 11\uninstaller.exe" /S
msiexec /x C:\shocktemp\sw_lic_full_installer_11_0.msi /passive
msiexec /i C:\shocktemp\sw_lic_full_installer_11_6.msi /passive

The .bat file and the .msi files work fine when running in a Local PC, ver11.0 is removed and the ver11.6 shockwave is installed. The files are then being packed into a SPB file and deploy to the client PCs.

But this time, I found that the ver11.0 cannot be uninstalled...but the ver11.6 can still be installed, and makes the Client PCs having both ver11.0 and 11.6 shockwave player.

I have locate the problem that the following commands cannot work normally:
"C:\WINDOWS\system32\Adobe\Shockwave 11\uninstaller.exe" /S
msiexec /x C:\shocktemp\sw_lic_full_installer_11_0.msi /passive
but I don't know why they can run normally in a Local PC but do not function after transformed into SPB file and deploy through TCM.

I will be appreciated if anyone could solve this question or suggest a method to uninstall the shochwave player 11.0 thru TCM. I am really go mad with TCM....

Many Thanks!