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Pinned topic Values set in HttpSession in Theme

‏2012-10-03T20:44:39Z |
Hey Guys,

I was trying to set an attribute in HttpSession in theme (Default.jsp)....and get that attribute in Portlet JSP.

I tried to print the session ids in theme and portlet..they are one and the same but I was not able to retrieve the attribute that was set in theme in portlet.

I was wondering...if they shared the same session ids...I should get the attributes easily.

Any inputs/ideas?

Container: WPS 6.1.5

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    Re: Values set in HttpSession in Theme

    Portlets and the theme do not share the same session even though the session ID is the same. See details here:

    If you want to retrieve a parameter from the theme in a portlet you could use other options like a Pojo, the request, threadlocale, ...

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