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Pinned topic Managing ObjectGrid availability

‏2012-10-03T15:43:11Z |
Hello Masters,

We are using wxsutils putAll operation in order preloading data into cache.

1. As i understood from here we can use the StateManager interface to set and retrieve the state of an ObjectGrid instance.
However, according to here we cannot use the PRELOAD state unless we use JPA ClientLoader interface.
Is there any option to use availability state PRELOAD for preloading data into cache without using JPA ClientLoader interface but for wxsutils putAll/putAll_noLoader?

2. We'd like to change the Grid availability state to READONLY state (from PRELOAD state) after one of grid's map preloading was finished. We'd like to open the read requests to the grid in the preload process of the other grid's maps.

Your insight about above scenario would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,