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Pinned topic GIM Installation failed

‏2012-10-03T14:49:18Z |
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.8 (Tikanga)
i am using this file
but faced this
General Charge Terms
Licensee must acquire an entitlement to both (i) Install licenses and (ii) Processor Value Unit (PVU) or Resource Value Unit (RVU) licenses, in sufficient amounts to reflect at a minim
um (i) the number of Installs of the Program that Licensee deploys in accordance with the definition of "Install" in this LI document; and (ii) the number of applicable PVUs or RVUs in
accordance with the definition of PVU or RVU in this LI document.
The number of Resource Value Units (RVUs) Licensee requires for this Program is based on Million Service Units (MSUs) capacity of a machine.
The required number of RVUs is determined according to the following table:
For MSU based RVUs:
For 1-3 MSUs, 1 RVU per MSU is required
For 4-45 MSUs, 0.45 RVUs per MSU is required
For 46-175 MSUs, 0.36 RVUs per MSU is required.
For 176-315 MSUs, 0.27 RVUs per MSU is required.
For 316+ MSUs, 0.2 RVUs per MSU is required.

Installing modules ....
Installation failed
-E- VENDOR_VERSION mismatch (required=, received=4) at ./gim_installer line 899.
can some one help me
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    Re: GIM Installation failed

    we faced the same issue ..below steps will resolve

    1) if any old stap or GIM clearly uninstall

    2) check perl latest version 5.8 exists.

    3) reboot the machine

    4) try to install again..this time GIM should install properly