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Pinned topic RFT Java Based Application with XML Outputs

‏2012-10-03T12:39:01Z |
I was wondering if RFT is able to work with Unix Java applications that take in file as an input and output xml files. I know RFT is able to work flawlessly with GUI's but not sure how the support is for unix and/or terminal applications.

Thank you
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    Re: RFT Java Based Application with XML Outputs

    I'm not entirely clear what you are looking to achieve but it sounds like this is something you could do with a regular Java program.

    If it is simply a case of; provide XML file A, run application then check XML file B then this is something that could be done with straight Java (or Java code embedded in RFT for enhanced logging/consistency). If you are looking for something different perhaps you might be able to give us a little more detail on what you had in mind.