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Pinned topic Accessing decision service from a business event

‏2012-10-03T09:45:57Z |
Hi, i read in the guide that i can access decision services deployed on rules execution server with a simple WSDL import procedure in my events project. I actually tried it out and it all worked fine.
Now i'm willing to use this concept to call a decision service that receives as an input parameter a class with a custom type attribute. Let's explain with an example:


class Car 

private String name; 

private Engine engine; ... 


class Engine 

private String type; ... 
// some other standard typed attributes .. 

My rule flow needs an input parameter of type Car.

While importing the WSDL in the events project, it seems that i simply can't use custom types.
My question is: do i have a different choice than changing my ruleflow input parameters? Is there a way to keep a decision service accepting Car as input, while beeing able to access it from an event project?

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