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I am going to implement the ILMT server and client on the customer site.Also i have gone through the prerequisite of installation and configuration of the ILMT docs.There are some questions in mind, still curious to know about it.

1. Is there feature in the ILMT server's web console for ILMT client agents push installation?

2. Should i install the ILMT agent on the both VM host and its client system?

3. Do my customers need to register on the IBM partner world to download the ILMT server and agents software?

Thanks for your concern on this. I really appreciate your input over this.

Elango Gopal
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    Re: Couple of question over ILMT


    1. There's no such feature. ILMT only requires a TCP port to be opened for the connections initiated by agent. Later on, when agent has already been deployed on the machine, it has a self upgrade mechanism controlled by the server.

    2. It depends on the particular virtualization technology - for HP IVM, Solaris zones and LDOMs it is required. For VMware, Hyper-V and RHEV-M there's a need to configure additional source of data - s.c. VM Manager (the server collects the missing data directly from a virtual machine managers).

    3. The customer has to register on:

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