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Pinned topic VMware SRM 5.0 Update 1 with IBM Storwize V7000

‏2012-10-03T04:24:40Z |
Hi Team,

We are trying to configure VMware SRM with the following version information...

IBM Storwize Version
SRA v2.1.0.120816 (as supplied by IBM)
VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager v

PROBLEM: When we select Array Manager, Summary is that the ping result is 'Success', Array pairs are enabled, When I select 'Devices' tab. The Direction field is still grey. Any ideas what I need to do to make this green and working?

Note: I've read.... VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) Not Supported With V6.3.0.x or V6.4.0.x Releases (
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    Re: VMware SRM 5.0 Update 1 with IBM Storwize V7000

    Yes, it's correct and if you have Tivoli FlashCopy Manager installed you can't install SRM 5.0 either.