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‏2012-10-03T03:25:59Z |
I recently installed a BigFix Tivoli Endpoint Management (TEM) server along with an internet-facing relay. I took the Client installer off of the server and installed it on an endpoing that it outside of my corporate network. I am trying to point that client to the internet-facing relay server in order to report in. The problem I'm having is that the instructions included in the default Install folder that I took the installer from (off of the management server) say to include a file called BESrelay.cfg with a single line within "IP: <ip address of internet-facing relay>" I did that but after installing my client, it didn't report in and I checked the router log and it showed that the client was trying to report to the private management server address. I believe that address came from the default masthead (also included in the Client installation folder). So I uninstalled and deleted the registry keys. I then replaced the BESrelay.cfg with a file I used on a testbed previously (different installation, same product) called clientsettings.cfg. In there I entered the _RelayServer1=http://<ip address of internet-facinig relay>:52311/bfmirror/downloads. The result of the client installation using this file was that the Windows registry now showed one additional entry with _RelayServer1 set to the path I entered in the config file. When I checked the router logs again, no luck, they showed that the endpoint was still trying to report back to the private IP address of the management server (again, assuming this is coming from the masthead file in the Client installation folder). Has anyone else seen this? How to I get the client to install and default to point at the internet-facing IP address of the relay server? Thanks!
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    Re: BigFix TEM Client Relay Selection not working

    When I use a clientsettings.cfg I always put the following settings in for a client machine:

    1. _RelayServer1
    2. _RelayServer2 <-- I always use both RelayServ1 and Relayserver2 even if I just use hostname in one and IP address in the other.

    Also take a look at other settings here.

    -John G