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‏2012-10-03T03:08:08Z |
I am using JSF-JSR286 portlet in my project. I have a typical scenario and trying to get a proper solution/design for that.

Problem Description

In my portal home page I have 6 portlets - 4 custom JSF-JSR286 portlet and 2 WCM portlet. Now in my portal home page I may need to open a dialog box after login based on certain business logic. If the user has some promo then in my portal home page I have to display the promo details in a dialog box(using JSF panelDialog component for creating the dialog) and naturally background of home page will remain disabled. Once we perform some action in my promo dialog(Accept/Reject promo), the dialog will close and my home page will display properly.
Now the problem is Promo is a completely different functinality and it doesn't have any relation with the other 4 custom JSF-JSR286 portlet I am displaying in my home page. Therefore I do not want to write the code of Promo portlet in any of the other 4 custom portlet code. But how do I achieve the functioanlity then? Is there any feature available in WebSphere Portal 6.1 which will allow to open a dialog box in a portal page where the dialog box code is not part of a portlet? Or it is not acheiveable, I must have to write the code of dialog box in a portlet?
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    Re: Portal Home Page - Open a Dialog Box

    Hi dips,

    Your idea is very interesting and i need to workout for that can u send the details, which u want to display in dialog box. and what action we can perform with the dialog box.

    dialog(Accept/Reject promo): means what. can u give me brief about that.

    If possible attach u r current application.