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Pinned topic Merging WebSphere Application Server into WebSphere ESB installation

‏2012-10-02T20:19:27Z |
Hi, I'm a newbie with websphere and would like some help.

I have an architecture where I have one machine with a Websphere Application Server an another one with an Websphere EBS.

The workload is pretty low for both processes, so one single machine (as I have now) would be enough. According to this

"Because WebSphere ESB is built on WebSphere Application Server, through their WebSphere ESB license; customers are able to utilize WebSphere Application Server function."

So, WAS functionality is available in the Websphere ESB. Is it possible to merge/combine/integrate the code from WAS into the WESB in order to have one license and one server only?

Thanks in advance
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    Re: Merging WebSphere Application Server into WebSphere ESB installation

    I don't see why you can't.

    I know there are restrictions on using a supplied database for other things but I don't think there is any restriction to what applications you can deploy, providing the database rule is not violated.

    That is not an official IBM response though so you probably ought to check.