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Pinned topic Can Data Studio V3.1.1 explain the entire plan_table?

‏2012-10-02T17:25:03Z |

I'm looking for the right panel that will allow me to explain the SQL statements in a plan_table (and hopefully packages). Is this option available in this version? I could find it in V2. I can find something called Query Tuner Workload Assistant and it specifies "Plan Table." However, when I click on the button "Capture Query Environment," it comes up with a panel stating "Specify the SQL statement that you want to send to the IBM support," which is not what I'm wanting to do.


Tom Glaser
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    Re: Can Data Studio V3.1.1 explain the entire plan_table?

    Hi Tom Glaser,
    Firstly I want to confirm your question: "Can Data Studio V3.1.1 explain the entire plan_table".
    Would you please just to explain one query and view the records in the plan_table by Data Studio V3.1.1? Since the "Plan Table" tab in Query Tuner Workload Assistant is used to capture query from PLAN_TABLE,not explain query.