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Pinned topic [Question] Interpert atom feed as html content on your portlet

‏2012-10-02T14:36:41Z |
Hi all.
Let's assume I have a set of portal pages with the following structure: main portlet at the top and footer portlet at the bottom. Also I have a set of RSS/Atom feeds. I need to configure each portlet on every page to consume some feed from this set. For example on Page A for main portlet I put and for footer portlet I put the same url. But main portlet should read the first entry from this feed and footer portlet should read the second entry from this feed.

I tried to put IBM Syndicated Feed Portlet. But I needed to change jsps in this portlet to make it able to read only specific entries from feed. Also this portlet is quite slow and heavy and the main purpose of this portlet is to be like Google Reader as I understand.

Main question: is there any way to show particular atom/rss feeds' entries as html content on your portlet pages?