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Pinned topic Database Privileges in Metadata Repository

‏2012-10-02T05:04:43Z |
Currently installing Information Server at a site where we're not allowed to touch the keyboards. The metadata repository is an Oracle RAC.

1. The Oracle DBA has refused to include GRANT ADMINISTER DATABASE TRIGGER -- the XMETA user will only be able to have that grant on their own schema. Will this cause a problem and, if so, what?

2. The Oracle DBA chose to run the scripts individually (not under control of script. (They just did that - didn't stop to ask.) Will this cause any problem? They didn't - apparently - keep any audit trail, so we can't even verify what steps they took.

From memory the IIS installer won't cope with a TNS entry with multiple addresses. Is it sufficient to remove all but one of the addresses from an existing tnsnames.ora entry, or is there more to it than that? It's been years since I did one of these.