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‏2012-10-01T20:22:46Z |
We export many services in our development domain. But these files remain in de export: filesystem of the domain. Is there a simple way to do a "rm export:*" command?
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  • swlinn
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    Re: Delete files from export: filesystem

    On export, you have the choices to export all files from the local filesystem, no files, or files referenced by exported objects. On import, you can choose which files you wish to import. If importing in the gui, then you'll see the lists for new files, changed files, or unchanged files. If using the XML Management Interface to do the import, then you don't get that information up front, so you can specify all files/no files, but if you want individual files you need to specify those file names in your soap request.

  • kenhygh
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    Re: Delete files from export: filesystem

    The export is just a zip file. You can use zip utilities to remove whatever you want.