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Pinned topic Not able to call default handler second time

‏2012-10-01T19:03:33Z |
I am upgrading portal from v6.0 to v 7.0.
We have one portlet which displays dropdown, and once we select andy item from dropdown and click on go, it will display that selected portlet underneath on page. It has the wiring to that selected portlet. (We have JSR 168 not 286)
Now problem is from dropdown when I select any item, and click on Go, it will call onSubmit of targetted portlet (default handler specified in xml) and then render to display page.
In onSubmit we set "action" parameter to navigate to corresponding controller. (spring configuration)
First time once we select item from dropdown above flow is working fine and it renders page. Next time when I select other item from dropdown it still
calls same controller and directly render method of that controller.
Ideally it should call default controller mapped in spring when I select something from dropdown and click "Go", as it is doing first time when there is no "action" set.
Somehow it keeps calling same controller.
<property name="portletModeParameterMap">
<entry key="view">
<entry key="a"><ref bean="a"/></entry>
<entry key="b"><ref bean="b"/></entry>
<entry key="c"><ref bean="c"/></entry>
<entry key="d"><ref bean="d"/></entry>
<entry key="e"><ref bean="e"/></entry>


Not sure if I have explained you my concern..
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    Re: Not able to call default handler second time

    Basically wiring works only first time then second time, it just calls render method of whatever portlet shown in first time selection.
    This is working firn in portal v 6.0