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Pinned topic MIB to MDL Conversion Error for CastIron MIB

‏2012-10-01T12:59:44Z |

I am trying to convert MIB's of castiron appliance to MDL files to setup monitoring through UA. When I try to convert the MIB's I am finding the below error.

C:\Users\IBM_ADMIN\Desktop\CastIron\MibUtility>java -jar MibUtility.jar -d castiron -m CASTIRON-REGI
STRATIONS-MIB -r ciExperimental
com.tivoli.snmp.metadata.ParseException: Encountered "<EOF>" at line 0, column 0.
Was expecting one of:
<TYPE> ...
<VALUE> ...

Though the above error appears, I am able to convert it into MDL files, but I suspect the operation is not complete and seeing less no. of traps instead the expected ones compared to the details I see in MIB's.

Can someone have worked on converting MIB's of CASTIRON appliance to MDL's, If so could you please help me on this.

You could reach if you at