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Pinned topic Web browser hangs frequently

‏2012-10-01T11:48:32Z |
Hi colleagues,
I have undergone some troubles working with ITIM 5.0 after my workstation had been migrated to Windows7 and Internet Explorer 9.

All looks like to be working fine but suddenly the interface leaves to respond. There is not fix more than opening a new Internet Explorer on a different window. It happens after a short period of time, less than 5 minutes, and, by the way, it is not needed to use the ITIM features based on java for suffering the issue. Furthermore, there is not traces in the logs files, ie, it is a web browser issue.

Although it is not listed as supported Web browers neither in ITIM 5.1 nor ITIM 5.0, I would like to know if someone has got the same issue, or on the other hand, if someone is using the mentioned versions, for identifying like a local or a general issue relative to the Web broswers version.

Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Web browser hangs frequently

    Additional tests have demostrated that it is nothing relative to iE9 because of this issue happens using Chrome too. Thus, we are thinking it is in relation with Windows 7.

    Any of you are using Windows 7 like workstations?