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I am attempting to install Informix OAT through the client SDK installation. The user guide for Informix states "You can install the IBM OpenAdmin Tool (OAT) for Informix when you install the IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK), or when you install the IBM Informix software bundle and select Client SDK or IBM Informix Connect." When I attempt to install Informix Downloads (Informix Client SDK Developer Edition for Windows x86_64, 64-bit)Version 3.70.FC5DE, I am not being prompted to install the OAT. I can download the OAT individually through IBM but then I do not know where to go to add this or access it since it does not have its own individual install or executable file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Scott Moecker
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    Re: OAT Installation

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    Hi Scott,

    The OAT for Informix is available in the 32-bit CSDK 3.70 on Windows x86, so you need to download the OAT Community Edition for 64-bit Windows at Regarding how to install the OAT on Windows, please check out the video at

    Regards, Yunming