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‏2012-09-28T20:41:26Z |
I have a HATS project which I have previously deployed without problem but having made a change I now have a problem. The project deploys but when I try to access one of the web services I get a 'Error 404: SRVE0190E: File not found:/myService' .. If I look in the admin console under the app there isn't a 'Web Service Properties' option though on the live server this option exists .. The EAR file contains a war file but it doesn't seem to deploy the web services .. Any idea what I've done wrong ??
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    Re: HATS deployment problem

    check the hats application, whether new files created with "." or "#". if there delete and create new .ear file and upload the new .ear file to server.

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    Re: HATS deployment problem

    If after creating a new EAR file and redeploying does not work; please open an IBM Service Request (SR) for further help.
    To open an SR please go to the following URL: