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Pinned topic Locale setup using javascript

‏2012-09-28T15:10:45Z |
When I used anchor tag language switch works great, because I can hardcoded the value

<portal-navigation:url command="ChangeLanguage"><portal-navigation:urlParam name="locale" value="es"/></portal-navigation:url>

but I am using dropdown and trying to set value what used has selected but this time not working. code is below

function changeLang(selectedValue){
var varForm = document.getElementById("formLanguage");
alert(selectedValue); // this gives me es
// even if i set selectedValue manually to es like selectedValue='es'; does not work
varForm.action = <portal-navigation:url command="ChangeLanguage"><portal-navigation:urlParam name="locale" value="'+selectedValue+'"/></portal-navigation:url>;

seems like its just taking selectedValue as it is as a value not its value, Please Help me out. Is there any other way to achieve this??????
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    Re: Locale setup using javascript

    ‏2012-09-28T20:45:43Z  in response to Xeb
    I think your problem is a result of the fact that the <portal-navigation:url> tags are being evaluated by Portal long before your Javascript ever executes. Since the <portal-navigation:url> tags are not formed correctly at the time they are evaluated, you're probably getting garbage back.

    How many languages are you talking about here? A couple? A hundred?

    If it's only a couple, maybe you could do something like this:
    var actionES = 
    '<portal-navigation:url command="ChangeLanguage"><portal-navigation:urlParam name="locale" value="es"/></portal-navigation:url>'; var actionFR = 
    '<portal-navigation:url command="ChangeLanguage"><portal-navigation:urlParam name="locale" value="fr"/></portal-navigation:url>';

    Then your Javascript logic can just pick the appropriate value based on the user's selection and assign that to the action attribute of your form.
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      Re: Locale setup using javascript

      ‏2012-10-01T13:24:16Z  in response to SystemAdmin
      Thanks for the reply, Well Yes I realize that and right now I am using the same, but my concern is there any way I could change it to dynamic behavior?