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Pinned topic WorkplaceXT URL do not open document first time in IE8.

‏2012-09-28T14:38:38Z |
We have FileNet 5.0 & Applicaiton on IIS
Client machines have standard IE8 setup.

I am using a C# custom application, where I use the getContent URL to view the documents. The document do not open first time in IE8, but opens just fine for all attempts after that untill I close the browser & start again.

I found this article by IBM & seems its a IE issue. (Error when trying to open documents using URL)

The first solution does work, but that requires changing the registry for thousands of users.
Was curious if there is any IIS/web.config setup which gives simillar effect.
Or somehting in C# code which can get the document loaded first time properly.

Thank you