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Pinned topic V7000 with ProtecTIER TS7650G v3.2.1 reported quorum disk size HELP!

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I created (as per the PT and IBM Storage Redbook) on a V7000 a 1 GB Quorum vDisk to be used for ProtecTIER (TS7650 Cluster using V7000 Storage) First, I created a "Metadata" Array using 8 600 GB SAS drives (4x4), RAID10 Balanced - again as per the Redbook. I put the Array in a MD_pool and then used the CLI to create a sequential type volume specififying 1000 MB as the size in the command as the Redbook instructs. Lastly I zoned and presented the volume. When the underlying server views the size of the volume it reports 1000 MB.... HOWEVER, in v3.2.1 of ProtecTIER, the appliaction only sees a volume of around 600 MB. What gives?

The Array is of sufficient capacity so that when it was created, there were well beyond enough free extents to create a FULL 1 G.B. volume on this Array - even if it was also used as a quorum drive for the V7000 controllers. It looks to me like an issue within the v3.2.1 application, especially since the underlying Server reports it is a 1 GB volume. Help please!!!!!!
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    Re: V7000 with ProtecTIER TS7650G v3.2.1 reported quorum disk size HELP!


    Yes, the same for me ... even after PT v3.4.2.1 code release.


    Created a 1GB v7000 vdisk (capacity 1073741824 bytes) for Quorum and mapped to PT host.

    PT operating systems shows(lvdisplay):
    --- Logical volume ---
      LV Name                /dev/vgfs0001/lvfs0001
      VG Name                vgfs0001
      LV UUID                puQnK1-5OEB-kQFE-f1Na-JetV-JfZ8-083gMd
      LV Write Access        read/write
      LV Status              available
      # open                 1
      LV Size                1020.00 MB
      Current LE             255
      Segments               1
      Allocation             inherit
      Read ahead sectors     auto
      - currently set to     256
      Block device           253:124

    PT v3.4.2.1 node shows this as a 635MB GFS volume in PTManager:


    I believe the usable size is estimated and changes based on the RAID configuration you choose when allocating the meta data and Quorum volume

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