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Pinned topic Asset report "Product by System"

‏2012-09-28T14:15:26Z |
When we run the Asset report "Product by System" using Metric:Jobname Count and dates of earliest to latest, we are only seeing usage data in the drill-down reports for the month of August (when we initially imported the IQ data).

From the Product by System screen, we drill down into the next screen : Product Use Trend. Then drill down into the jobname count and we see the usage events are for dates in August which is when we scanned and imported the IQ data.

We have been importing usage data since August and have the entire month of September loaded. When we run other reports, such as the Product Audit Trail, we see the September usage data.

We are running TADz 7.5

This appears to be a problem. Please advise and I will open a PMR.


Pat Cole
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    Re: Asset report "Product by System"

    Hi Pat,

    I've just run the same report on some of my test data and if I drill down I see all the months that usage was imported. Maybe the product you are looking at does not have usage for September. Can you confirm this please.

    Jim K.
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    Re: Asset report "Product by System"

    Jim, I cannot recreate the problem now. It must have been "user error".