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Pinned topic CICS Explorer Web Start deploy - unable to retain customized workspace

‏2012-09-28T12:58:55Z |
I went through the process of deploying CICS explorer through Java webstart and having issues deploying a customized workspace. After deploying to the client I can see that the launch.jnlp pointed to the workspace "@user.home/.cicsexplorerjws_workspace", however, when the deploy is completed, the folder "cicsexplorerjws_workspace" is created, however, none of my workspace customization are within.

The only way I've been able to get this to half way work is to create my workspace within the "CICS_Explorer" folder, peform my cusotmizations, and change the launch.jnlp workspace property to point to this directory (@user.home/.cicsexplorerjws/CICS_Explorer/workspace). When I launch from the client it points to my workspace and things look great. The only problem is that any changes the users makes on their local workspace is copied over if I make any changes to the package on the server.

There has to be a way to create a customized workspace on the server and after the user initially pulls it down and makes their own customizations, their customization are retained if the server copy is updated.

The documentation to set this up lacks any details on how to deploy a cusotmized workspace.
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    Re: CICS Explorer Web Start deploy - unable to retain customized workspace

    Hi Keith,

    Great to hear that you're playing with Web Start. Web Start is a fairly generic technology shipped as part of Java and has no specific knowledge of Eclipse concepts like workspaces.

    As things stand, the user's workspace is created from scratch when they run the Web Start version, as you've stated.

    There's no official provision that I've found within Web Start for pulling down additional resources like customised workspaces.

    I think it might be possible to use the same mechanism that we've implemented to pull down Explorer itself, to pull down a workspace packaged in a similar way (although a naive implementation would delete any existing customizations that your users have implemented). I believe that I have permission to ship the source code for our Web Start deployment code if you would like to look into this.

    I will chase up getting the source code put up with the blog post. If you have problems with the CICS Explorer itself do raise a PMR.