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Pinned topic Async invocation Java component issue issue

‏2012-09-28T07:53:01Z |
Hi everyone! I'm trying to create mediation module based on Java component:
import is synchronious SOAP HTTP;
export is asynchronious JMS(Response correlation sheme: Request Correlation ID to Correlation ID);
Integration developer generates stub for my mediation component. So method accepts as parameter commonj.sdo.DataObject. What is the best approach to convert Dataobject to ServiceMessageObject, which contains JMSHeaders. Now there is exception that correlationID doesn't set. Could anyone help me to fix this?

Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Async invocation Java component issue issue

    The SMO is only available in a mediation module not in a Java component.

    You can use a custom mediation primitive in the mediation module to write your java code.

    Before you write it all in Java though, check that it isn't easier to write it using the other mediation primitives. Especially if you are just doing transformation.