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Pinned topic datapower transaction processing times

‏2012-09-27T19:47:29Z |
Hi, i have a requirement to log the start and end of transaction times; and also the time taken for the calls in-between(i.e., call-outs during the transaction)(example: an ldap call in AAA action; sql calls).

Q1)i was able to acheive the transaction start and end times using xsl/ dp:time-value() defined in a Transform action; at the being of Request Rule and end of Response Rule.
Any suggestions/comments on this approach ?

Q2) Now transaction times for calls/actions in-between ? please suggest how, i can track these times.
(I can definetly put the same transform action before and after the in-between calls/actions(aaa, sql), but i am introduction some latency and thus will not be accurate; and dont thik it is an approach, if there are 10's of calls in-between.)
Not sure, if i can use the dp service latency varibales(time-elapsed).