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Pinned topic About Informix 4GL to Informix Genero migration

‏2012-09-27T17:49:17Z |

I don't know much about the Informix world, but I have some question about the products, that I don't know if someone can help me with some answers or personal thoughts.

Is Informix Genero the step forward for customers that are running Informix 4GL apps?

Does Informix Genero replace complete the Informix 4GL software, once it is migrated? or do the customer needs to have both 4GL and Genero running (and lincensed)?.

Does Informix Genero runtime interpret 4GL code or does it transform them to other thing (whatever Informix Genero generates) ?

Any comments are welcome.

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    Re: About Informix 4GL to Informix Genero migration

    Hi Martin,

    Yes, Informix Genero is the best method to modernize your existing Informix 4GL applications. Genero provides all of the "classic" 4GL functionality, but also the support you'll want in order to run your same code base through your web browser or natively on your Windows, Linux or Mac desktops.

    You can essentially replace your 4GL licenses with Genero licenses. Unless you are counting on a partial conversion, you will not need to have both 4GL and Genero licenses. The first step in a conversion can be recompiling your 4GL source code with the Genero compiler and then running the application with the Genero text client. This gives the same look and feel but uses Genero development and runtime products. From there, your options for your modernization are extensive - desktop GUI, web, mobile, web services, etc.

    Genero does have its own compiler and runtime environments. Both are essentially supersets of Informix 4GL. You will have to recompile your 4GL code with the Genero compiler, but pretty much all 4GL constructs are also supported in Genero. For the runtime, you'll use a Genero runtime product, the components used of which can vary based on how you want to deploy your application (desktop or web). The simplest runtime deploymen is with the desktop client (Linux, Windows, Mac). If a web deployment is desired, there is a Genero Application Server that works with your web server to host your web based Genero clients.

    Hopefully this gives you a little insight into Informix Genero.


    Shawn Moe