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‏2012-09-27T17:23:53Z |
Is there any way to have the Spreadsheet Export send a spreadsheet directly to a network directory/folder location without being prompted to save it to a specific location?
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    Re: Spreadsheet Export

    I'm not sure that I understand the requirements or the use case that you're trying to describe here. Are you intending for users to be able to generate spreadsheets and have them stored on the server to be re-used later by the same user or shared by other users? Perhaps you can elaborate a bit on your use case here.

    It is also worth mentioning that the Spreadsheet Export builder was designed to stream the generated spreadsheet data back to the browser through the response output stream. I don't think it is possible to modify the builder or re-use any of its methods/LJOs to write to a file on the server. If this is your intention, it may be easiest to obtain (open source) libraries and javadoc for generating Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheet documents and write your own builder or LJO to achieve this.
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