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‏2012-09-27T14:48:30Z |
Hello everyone, i'm searching for some help because my model is taking too long to excecute or (dependind on how much variables i introduce) does not execute at all. It work fine with just a few variables, but that's not really what i want. I would really appreciate some help so that i can get the results that i want from my model. Atached im sending the files of my model (.mod, .dat and the excel file from which i extract my data), hopefully you can give me a hand with it.
As i mention on the excel, the data in this case is just an example, because if i would put all the data that really exists, the problem does not even presolve before i get out of memory issues.

Thank you!



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    Re: Model takes too long to solve

    You should export your model in & of the CPLEX export file format and check with the CPLEX APIs or CPLEX interactive.
    Then you can report this to the CPLEX dedicated forum.