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I want to know what are the possible Future research areas Regarding "Web Services" and in what direction "Web Services" are moving. I am not talking about "Microsoft Web Services". I am talking about "Web Services" in general. I did google but what ever i found was like couple of years old and obsolete. couldnt get any direction from IEEE too. Plz some expert of this line should guide me. I will be obliged like anything.

Thanks in Advance.
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    Re: Future of Web Services

    Part of the problem is the "future of Web Services" is too broad. To answer that question well, will take a long time and effort.

    Let me just say that Web Services like REST, SOAP, JMS are not going away anytime soon.

    Some things to watch and search on the web are

    SOAP for industry

    I would add that REST is the trend for GUI and SOAP will be around a long time for exposing Web Services to outside organizations.

    Some IBM products to research

    DataPower Appliance
    WebSphere MQ
    WebSphere ESB
    WebSphere Registry Reposotiry

    Lastly try drilling down from DeveloperWorks and other IBM SOA / Web Serivcs content such as
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    Re: Future of Web Services

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