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Pinned topic WSDL contains many services - right or wrong?

‏2012-09-27T11:49:16Z |
In our organisation we have ONE WSDL that contains many services (methods), some to do with customer, some to do with application, some for bank etc etc.
I get the feeling rather than one very long WSDL and only one application, this should be split down into many according to business area. I'm thinking we might want several applications that we can turn on or off, or give a customer just service A as an asset they pay to use.
Developers tell me I am overcomplicating things. You can put security at method level and trace at method level, so what's the problem?

Problem - I cannot articulate reasons to split, but it still feels like the right thing to do to achieve SOA. Can anybody give me their two pence worth?