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‏2012-09-27T11:37:35Z |
Hi all
Is there any way to make the data flow via the flowport without using the 'set' function.
For example,
If I have a attribute of an object of a class say 'X' and if I want to transmit its value using flowport, then I use the setX(value) function and the value is automatically sent via flowport.

Now what I want to do is this.
1. Take 3 classes. Input,Middle,Output.
2. I transmit an attribute of an object of Input class to object of Middle class using this set function as described above.
3. I manipulate that value in Middle Class.

Now I want to transmit this value to Output class object. But I cannot transmit it because I am not using the set function to manipulate the variable.

Any way how to transmit?

PS: All name matching between attributes and flowports is done.