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Pinned topic X3530 M4 - Intel Server Adapter iSCSI Boot

‏2012-09-27T07:38:48Z |
Hello All,

I have been messing around with my new IBM X3530 M4 Servers. I got the Intel Gigabit Server Adapter options.

My plan is to setup iSCSI boot to mount a iSCSI target as a disk and then install my hypervisor (Citrix XenServer) onto that mounted disk.

From what i have read you need to flash the adpaters in order to use the iSCSI boot rom for this exact purpose.

The issue i am having is trying to flash the adapters, i recommends to use DOS, but getting DOS to boot is easier said then done on this new hardware.

Does anyone have any advice or possibly know of a bootable DOS image i could get to accomplish this?

Any help would be awesome :)!

Thanks for your time.