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‏2012-09-27T05:28:39Z |

We are using Datastage version 8.5 and I would like to get the following information from the metadata tables.

1) Job start time and end time

2) Job status (Success / Failure )

3) Row applied / Rows rejected.

Can you give me the metadata table names , column names which will store the above information.

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  • lsant
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    Re: metadata table names

    Is there any option to enable Oracle session tracing from DS - We can find out the metadata table it writes to when a job is run.
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    Re: metadata table names

    I'm also looking for the Universe table and column names for the last run date/time, programmatically in UNIX. I can get this via dsjob -jobinf, but for 1900 jobs this takes 20 minutes.