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Pinned topic Creating V7000 Mdisks through CLI

‏2012-09-26T15:25:29Z |
i need to build v7000s through cli . Request your help in finding out answers for the following queries i have

1. What is the best practise for creating RAID 5 & RAID 10 mdisks through CLI ???

Disks from the same SAS Chain or disks split between chains

Disks from Same enclosure or different enclosures ( like Enclosure loss protection in DS5000′S )

Any performance presets while creating mdisks through CLI ???
2. How can we create RAID 10 arrays while ensuring ” RAID Chain Balance ” ??? Does this mean choosing half the no. of disks from each SAS Chain ?? How does
v7000 decide which disks form the mirror pair ??

3. Is the hot spares configured in a SAS Chain usable only in that chain only ??? What will happen to mdisks spread across the chains ???

4.In one of our existing v7000, we have 7 enclosures 4 in One chain 1 and 3 in chain 2 . We have 5 spares configured in Chain 1 and 2 spares configured in
Chain 2 . How will this affect the hotspare protection ??? DO we need to change this config ??