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Pinned topic x3650 M4 IMM2 firmware upgrade

‏2012-09-26T14:06:43Z |
Dear All,

I upgraded the firmware the IMM of a server, IBM x3650 M4, to the version 1.65 ( ). The web page of the IMM wouldn’t be available unless I reboot the whole server and it will automatically redirect to https and fail to open unless I remove the https from the URL and reload.
Is there a procedure to upgrade the IMM without interruption? And is there a reason why it would automatically redirect to https, fail to load page, then successfully reload after manually removing the https from the URL?

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    Re: x3650 M4 IMM2 firmware upgrade

    use telnet to connect IMM and reset IIM to default settings (use help command)or enter in bios and restore default settins for IMM and configure new settings. Default ip address for IIM is