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‏2012-09-26T13:54:04Z |
Hi All,

We are trying to set up bleed-off production to dev ennvironment with MQ and WMBroker JMS subscriptions. We tested and so far it meets our expectations : we do not to endanger our production environment (XMIT queue overflood, temp sub queue) when something happend in dev environments.
In one of our tests, we simulate a "hung" suscriber to see where the published messages would be stored (we published 10 messages, with the suscribing flow waiting 10 minutes between each messages), the destination for the JMS subscription is emptied out and everything seems to be ok in the PROD env. Except that we don't see anywhere the messages waiing to be processed.

So my question is where theses message are stored in the case of a JMS suscription ?

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    Re: JMS published messages store

    I found the answer : I was sending non-persistent message... Doh !