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Pinned topic Problem in using file

‏2012-09-25T20:15:29Z |

I have setup catalog servers and container servers in my environment having WXS 8.5. I have setup container servers using startup commands from the /bin directory as follows.

/www/IBM/WebSphere/eXtremeScale/ObjectGrid/bin/ cond8 -JMXServicePort 1098 -objectGridFile /was/devl/WXS/conf/objectgrid.xml -catalogServiceEndPoints lsdewxs1:3809 -deploymentPolicyFile /was/devl/WXS/conf/deployment.xml
-zone dzlsdewxs6 -listenerPort 3810 -jvmArgs -Xmx1G

This works fine and bring the container process up and also when I check the container status running xsadmin command it shows me the container host and server name in it.

The problem comes when I try to use a properties file to group these options into it like the one provided by eXtreme Scale in IBM/WebSphere/eXtremeScale/ObjectGrid/Properties/ directory called file.

When I fill up the same options and run the startup command as follows, it shows the process is up and running but the xsadmin doesn't show that container server name or the host. which means that the catalog servers seem not recognizing an addition of one more container dynamically.

/www/IBM/WebSphere/eXtremeScale/ObjectGrid/bin/ cond8 \
-serverProps /wxs/devl/config/ \
-jvmArgs -Xmx1G

Not sure what went wrong here. I am not seeing any errors in the logs.

Can somebody suggest me the right way of putting all these startup command parameters into properties file and make sure that catalog servers listen to it?

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  • jhanders
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    Re: Problem in using file

    ‏2012-09-25T20:26:48Z  in response to smart_dev
    You need to provide the deployment policy and objectgrid config file on the command line. There are not server properties for those command line options. If you look at the javadoc for CatalogServerProperties and ServerProperties the constants that start with PROP_ are the ones that are supported in the server properties file. For a container server you will be looking at the ServerProperties javadoc of course. What is happening in your scenario is that since you didn't provide the objectgrid config xml it assume it is a catalog server. So instead of starting a container server you started a catalog server.

    Here is the javadoc I was referring to.


    I hope that helps answer your question.

    Jared Anderson
    • smart_dev
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      Re: Problem in using file

      ‏2012-09-26T21:20:41Z  in response to jhanders
      Thanks Jared,

      It worked now. I have removed the objectGridFile and the deploymentPolicyFile properties from the file and placed it in the command.

      Thanks for your pointer.