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‏2012-09-25T15:18:41Z |
We have a 3 tier arcitectrure for FMS having 3 layers (collection, aggregation and display). We have preapred a sql DisassociateTT and AssociateTT tools at tip level which perform action on agg level objectservers.
AssociateTT operation : Associates the alerts with the master alerts and updates the objectserver fields like Acknowledged,OwnerUID and MasterAlarmId.
DisassociateTT operation : Disassociates the alerts from master alerts and resets the fields which are set during the AssociateTT operation.

But, If I try to apply tool operation on an alerts which are associated by some other user, it doesnt allow me to do so and starts giving me the error and if the same user do the associatett operation and it allows the user to perform the disassociatett operation.
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