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Pinned topic how to use a SCSI Tape drive attached on a P52A

‏2012-09-25T14:59:14Z |

We have attached a IBM 7208-345 Tape drive to a P52A Server.

On the VIO Server the Tape drive can be seen:

lsdev|grep -i tape
rmt0 Available 05-08-01-5,0 Differential SCSI 8mm Tape Drive

How can we attach that Tape Drive to the LPAR ?
defining a Virtual SCSI adapter and trying to "map" the rmt0 on the VIO Server to the Virtual SCSI adapter fails.
mkvdev -vdev rmt0 -vadapter vhost3 -dev vtape shows up :
"rmt0" is not a valid backing device.
Is there a way to attach the Tape Drive directly to the LPAR ?

Thank in advance for any help.
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    Re: how to use a SCSI Tape drive attached on a P52A

    ‏2012-10-31T13:59:03Z  in response to Thomas.gch

    I am going to explain and guide you how to effectively map the tape to the LPAR!

    1)make sure the tape is available
    #lsdev | grep rmt

    2)lets play with the HMC ;-)

    on the VIOS profile added a virtual scsi adapter and
    and assign it to the required LPAR.

    on the LPAR do the same

    3) now we done with creating the virtual adapters
    run #cfgmgr on the lpar and $ cfgdev on the VIOS

    4) on the VIOS , check the virtual host thart u just created (vhostX)

    -to check all ur virtual adapter run :

    • $ lsdev -virtual | grep vhost
    • $ lsdev -type adapter | grep vhost
    now i am pretty sure ,u r confused about which vhostX to use , no worries dude coz IBM
    has a command to KILL ur anxiety ;-)

    run $ lsmap -all
    and check which vhost is already used by other backend devices (disk,CD.DVD,tape..etc)

    5) now let`s map the tape(lets say rmt0) to this vhost (lets say vhost5)
    simply execute
    $ mkvdev -vdev rmt0 -vadapter vhost5
    6)check the mapping again
    $lsmap -all

    you will find the rmt0 is mapped

    7)once again execute #cfgmgr and #cfgdev

    Now , you can use the rmt0 in ur LAPR :)

    if u have any question ,dont hestiate to ask!
    • dukessd
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      Re: how to use a SCSI Tape drive attached on a P52A

      ‏2012-11-01T00:14:35Z  in response to SystemAdmin
      "rmt0" is not a valid backing device.
      Your tape drive cannot be virtualized.
      VIOS v2.1.0.0 or higher (v2.1.0.10-FP20.1 is the minimum recommended)
      Supports SAS-attached tape drives only
      Supported tape drives are:
      Feature Code 5907 36/72 GB 4 mm DAT72 SAS Tape Drive
      Feature Code 5619 DAT160: 80/160 GB DAT160 SAS Tape Drive
      Feature Code 5638 1.5/3.0 TB LTO-5 SAS Tape Drive
      Feature Code 5661 DAT320: 160/320 GB DAT SAS Tape Drive
      Feature Code 5673 DAT320: 160 GB USB Tape Drive
      Feature Code 5746 Half High 800 GB/1.6 TB LTO4 SAS Tape Drive

      Virtual tape is supported in AIX, IBM i and Linux client partitions.
      AIX client partitions need to be running AIX Version 5.3 TL9, AIX Version
      6.1 TL2, AIX Version 7.1 TL0 or higher on a POWER6 and POWER7
      System for virtual tape support.
      Virtual I/O Server Version, Fix Pack 24 is required for USB 320
      DAT Tape drive as a virtual tape device.
      At time of writing, IBM i does not support USB tape drives as a virtual tape
      SAN Fibre Channel tape drives are supported through N-port ID
      virtualization (NPIV).

      Sorry, and HTH.